The specific evolution of communication



Communication skills in political and economic fields have influenced every level of governance. Communication is necessary in many sectors such as economics, politics, finance etc. It has become disproportional, permanent and powerful. Nowadays, communication and performance are closely linked to each other. Poor communication could have direct negative consequences on targeted outcomes. Then, political, economical and financial communication is crucial and is a real job which can not concede any improvisation.



Newcomers in NTIC industry changed our way to live and to practice in our job. And ITs are so powerful that it has come necessary to manage both their risks and their consequences. Today, speed at which polemics and new “cases” can emerge from the Internet is really fast. The Spin doctor’s adaptability, open-minded way of working, capacity to react and fairness are real strength to survive in the new IT world. “Buzz” has become the new enemy of blunders and mistakes. This is our current reality.



CAC 40 companies CEO, Members of Parliaments or Ministers are more than ever public figures. Such public figures are H24 “sub-media”. Managing the one’s communicational dimension is no longer a simple choice. In addition, Internet gives the possibility to any citizen to highlight leaders’ speech and behaviour. The leader’s brand image is a real capital and patrimony. It has to be protected by our “communicational bodyguards”.



Less than 10 years ago, our job did not have this dimension. But today, all the big leaders should understand the price that represents their personal brand image and how it can be related to stock market outputs, partners’ behaviours or any other consequences at every level of the company, market shares and economy…Every leader has to focus more on his own brand image and they also should realize that they have a strong impact on their working environment. People recognize leaders thanks to their determination to tame communication.



To begin, our job consists in finding solutions. This is our core added value.

To achieve this goal, we need freedom.

Our job is really specific.

Unique decision making and finding specific attributes belongs to the daily job of spin-doctors. My job consists in working on ideas and solutions. In fact, people are completely related to a system made of ideas. I assume our society needs today more ideas and solutions than ever. Whatever the political, economic, financial and social worlds are, we have to be operational. Ideas are the essence and the very best of our future…


Actuality :

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Ghyslaine Pierrat,

« spin-doctor »,

Political and Economic Communications Adviser


With a proven track record, she is asked as often in the political world, as in the economic and financial world. Firstly, Ghyslaine Pierrat has successively worked in the field of social economy and city management. She gained valuable experiences in politics, alternatively appointed as part of the cabinet of French Ministry of Justice, then the cabinet of Ministry of Solidarity Economy, of Ministry of Finance at Bercy, of the Ministry of Urban Affairs, of the Interdepartmental Delegation of Urban Affairs and also of the Secretariat of State for Tourism, Consumer, Crafts and Liberal Professions; she was alternatively part of Parliament Office. Secondly, she has collaborated with many parliamentarians and distinguishes herself today by a very substantial network of contacts in the National Assembly, the Senate and Parliament.

In the economic sector, her activities are moving quickly onto the field of SMEs, the industry and of CAC 40. Her great interest in the field, her thirst for concrete action and results, enabled her to develop know-how with highly effective leaders and general managers. Her understanding of strategic issues such as the growing financialisation of the global economy and her intellectual appetite in the business field, have led her to work in the banking and finance sector.

The "strategic position of image identity," the generation of operational ideas, the media-training, individual image coaching, the global watch of economic intelligence, the go-between and public relations, relationships with all media and event planning, are parts of her skills as a political and economic communications adviser. She designed and labeled a distinct and efficient methodology, which is recognized today by the professional community. Since the late 80's, Ghyslaine Pierrat has carried out many missions at the national level but also internationally, with major public officials and politicians.

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